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Send a Note to 45

Send the Declaration of Liberty to President Trump, along with your personal request that he please read it.


Or... you can write a note just to let him know how much you appreciate all he has done and sacrificed to help us make—i.e., KEEP—American great.


This can be done simply by doing the following:


a. Copy this link to The Declaration:

b. Then go to the President’s contact page by clicking this link:  

c. Complete the President’s contact form and paste the above link for The Declaration in his “comment box,” along with your personal, polite and respectful request that he please read it and hopefully endorse the platform of ideas and ideals it contains; then,

d. Check the ICAPCHA box; and

e. Hit SEND  … and say a prayer for him as it heads his way.


AND ... Please ... don't forget to let us know if you receive any positive response from 45 by sending us a message via our Contact Page!

Consider Helping to Support This Effort

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