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The Declaration of Liberty*

2021 A.D.

Part I — The Foundation


This declaration is to help provide clarity to future historians so they might record accurately the present events that have impelled those who have affixed their signatures hereto to set forth the reasons patriotic Americans may soon be required to declare themselves to be free from the unlawful shackles of an illicit government.

In November 2020, domestic insurrectionists are believed to have overthrown the government chosen and duly elected by a plurality of the people of this nation and wrongfully placed in its stead a government that is opposed to upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States of America, as amended, and the Rule of Law upon which America’s unique greatness was founded.              


As a necessary predicate for patriots to establish in the court of world opinion the legitimacy of this Declaration, the undersigned wholeheartedly and without reservation hereby reaffirm before all the world the following non-negotiable truths:

  1. All human beings are created equal;

  2. All their lives matter ... including those of the not yet born;

  3. They are all endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights;

  4. Among those are the rights of all to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness;

  5. To secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; and

  6. Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new and just government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

In this nation, such a just government should be one that is both duly elected and committed to being restrained by, in compliance with, and obedient to both the Constitution, as amended, and to the venerable Rule of Law.

Regretfully, however, the undersigned must hereby declare that is not the government presently presiding over the people of the United States.

The recently installed government has, we believe, unlawfully seized its power by means of election fraud and other associated means of chicanery that, in the aggregate, constitutes the largest successful criminal conspiracy the world has ever witnessed or experienced. Their malfeasance equated to nothing less than domestic insurrection that enabled a host of criminal insurgents to coordinate their unlawful schemes and efforts with those of foreign powers to successfully overthrow the duly elected legitimate government of the most powerful nation on earth, and install in its place a totalitarian Marxist/Socialist regime (the “regime”) that for all practical purposes stands opposed to both the Constitution, as amended, and the Rule of Law.

Consequently, to right this wrong and restore our nation to its proper course, the undersigned are hereby impelled to commit to take any such lawful and peaceful actions as may be necessary and appropriate not only to prevent the present unlawful regime’s further establishment, but also to effect its removal before it can add to its existing and ever increasing train of abuses and usurpations that have demonstrated a common design to subject the people of this nation to absolute tyranny.


Part II — The Grievances

The following facts and present circumstances that justify such an irrevocable commitment are herewith openly submitted by the undersigned to a candid world:

1.  The regime and its sympathizers have transformed our federal courts—including the Supreme Court—and the various branches of federal law enforcement—including the F.B.I. and the Department of Justice—into political weapons that:

  • Arrest, indict, prosecute, incarcerate and disarm the regime’s political enemies for crimes often imagined and, whenever possible, further stigmatize many of them by mischaracterizing them as supremacists, domestic terrorists and extremists;

  • Turn a blind eye to even the most blatant crimes committed by those sympathetic to the regime’s politics, causes and ideologies;

  • Ignore and refuse to investigate alleged voting irregularities that hundreds, if not thousands, of affiants have sworn—under penalty of perjury—to have occurred in a multitude of states in connection with the 2020 election; and

  • Ignore and indeed refuse to provide any judicial review of any evidence that election laws, rules and regulations in a multitude of states were unlawfully altered for the regime’s benefit in violation of Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the Constitution.

2.  The regime and its sympathizers have weaponized a virus to enable its sympathizers in federal, state and local governments to spread a pandemic of fear among the population with no verified scientific justification, creating a cloud of public confusion that they maliciously usurped to provide them cover to justify their issuance of unconstitutional diktats like the following: 

  • Unlawful modifications of our election laws in various states and local jurisdictions via operatives sympathetic to the regime to legalize mail-in ballots, implement unprecedented ballot counting procedures, institute relaxed counting deadlines and install the use of voting machines that are subject to digital manipulation both domestically and by foreign powers, all for the purpose of unlawfully altering the outcome of our nation’s most recent elections in order to both favor and empower the regime; and

  • The imposition of unjustifiable lockdowns, mask mandates and closures of small businesses, schools and places of worship in violation of the people’s First Amendment rights to freely speak, peacefully assemble and worship without hindrance, all of which served as a false flag that enabled the current regime to disband, divide and disorient the public in order to distract the public’s attention away from, and in some cases justify, the regime’s election chicanery.

3.  The regime and its sympathizers have wielded so-called social justice ideologies like cancel culture to untether this nation from the secure moorings of its true history for the purpose of eventually erasing from the public’s memory both our culture’s virtues and our advancements as a society to overcome and remedy our cultural defects.

4.  The regime and its sympathizers have weaponized the historical vacuum they are creating by their cancel culture movement to enable it to replace our nation’s history with their Marxist inspired critical race theory to cement in place a fabricated anti-American tale of our nation’s history that promotes an insidiously false allegation that in our nation there has always existed systemically race-based capitalist oppression by all whites of all racial minorities, pitching citizen against citizen solely on the basis of race and ethnicity without good cause.


5.  Moreover, this divide and conquer tactic is then combined by the regime with its intentional misdirection of the uninformed to pursue the regime’s false promise that only a socialist democracy based on so-called “social justice” notions they promote—like equity and diversity—will usher us toward a utopian state that will cure the very anarchy that this illegitimate regime is creating by promoting, encouraging, supporting and defending:

  • Marxist anarchists going by names like ANTIFA and BLM who are committed to destroying our monuments, looting our businesses, burning our property and threatening the lives and livelihoods of patriots who stand firm against their narrative and refuse to bend a knee to their mob rule; 

  • Defunding, dismantling and demoralizing law enforcement officers and the departments they work for across America to eviscerate the thin blue line that all civilized societies would insist be in place to protect their people from the incursions of such mob rule;

  • Attempting to invent and implement various strategies to confiscate our constitutionally protected firearms to further reduce the public’s defenses against tyranny;

  • Eroding our military’s intended purpose—i.e. to be prepared to defend this nation against threats from foreign powers—by the infusion of mandatory socialist and progressive policies together with the personnel to enforce such programs as inclusivity and diversity that are counter to that purpose; and 

  • Opening our borders to be invaded by un-vetted hordes of illegal immigrants in violation of our nation’s immigration laws, rules and regulations, and without any regard to these immigrants’ health, criminal histories, criminal proclivities or willingness to obey our laws, assimilate in any way to our culture or integrate into their lives even our most fundamental—yet, vital—constitutional principles resulting in a dilution of the voter base of patriotic Americans while depleting the funds and resources of their communities. 

6.  To advance the above anti-American agendas and false narratives, the regime has successfully enlisted the full cooperation of its sympathizers in the mainstream media and the big tech social media companies to disseminate its propaganda while at the same time censoring, silencing and otherwise sabotaging all those wishing to oppose any of the regime’s agendas and narratives … including, without limitation, our immediate past President in the very midst of his campaign for re-election.



Part III — The Remedies


In every stage of these offenses, the people have sought redress. However, the only answers offered by the regime have been further rebukes that have marked the character of that regime to be nothing less than a tyranny that must be declared unfit to rule a free people.


Therefore, to restore security and tranquility to the people who require they be governed by a constitutional republic as originally intended by the founders of this nation, the undersigned hereby insist, and in fact, demand that all who serve in the government of this nation must immediately, and without hesitation, do all that is necessary and appropriate to:

1.  Terminate all government infringements upon any and all of the self-evident unalienable rights of the people as memorialized in the Constitution, as amended, and acknowledge to all that such rights are derived by all the people not from any government, but from their Creator as set forth above, including, without limitation, the people’s rights to justice, due process, and to assemble, speak, worship and bear arms peacefully;

2.  Eradicate from our government institutions and school curriculums throughout this nation any advancement, promotion or institutionalization of any and all forms of socially disruptive and/or deceptive ideologies and/or propaganda that have the practical effect of uprooting, distorting, removing or replacing our nation’s history, traditions and culture, including, without limitation, any and all cancel culture movements, actions and activities as well as all variants of critical race theory now in circulation that are based on, rooted in or that promote any form of alienation, segregation, discrimination or separation on the basis of any person’s or group’s race, nationality, ethnicity or religion;

3.  Investigate and, if appropriate, remedy without delay any and all of the documented and affirmed election irregularities—constitutional or otherwise—attaching to the 2020 election with that degree of unhindered transparency necessary to restore to the public its full and complete faith in the integrity and honesty of our nation’s election process;

4.  Persuade the Supreme Court to hold a fair and impartial public hearing to adjudicate the allegations of election irregularities and fraud based on all available evidence that may be proffered with respect to certain states affected thereby, and if appropriate, to: 

  • Order each such state in which fraud or other irregularities are found by the Court to invalidate the certification of electors that state delivered to Congress prior to January 6, 2021 by:

  1. Decertifying the electors said state previously submitted to Congress prior to January 6, 2021;

  2. Certifying the correct electors based on a count of only those votes cast that have been determined to be legitimate and submit same to Congress post haste: and                

  3. Issuing notice thereof to Congress; and​

  • Order Congress to invalidate the count of electors issued on January 6, 2021 and either:

  1. Reinstate the 45th President to serve a second term with a Vice President of his choosing based on a lawful and legitimate count of legitimate electors newly certified and submitted to Congress by each affected state pursuant to Article II Section 1, clause 3 of the Constitution as amended by the 12th Amendment; or

  2. Require the legitimately elected President and Vice President to be determined pursuant to a vote of delegates chosen by each of the 50 states in the House of Representatives in accord with the applicable provisions set forth in the 12th Amendment to the Constitution; and

  • If the current President and Vice President are found to have been unlawfully inaugurated and installed in their offices on January 20, 2021, order them to immediately relinquish their illegitimate control of said offices and surrender the remainder of their terms to the duly and lawfully elected 46th President and his Vice President;


5.  Ensure henceforth that all courts and various law enforcement branches of this nation’s federal government will faithfully uphold their Constitutional duty to apply and enforce the laws of this land impartially and render equal justice under the law to all people subject to its governance without regard to their wealth, power, social status or political ideology;  

6.  Acknowledge that the United States of America is a sovereign nation that shall henceforth enact and enforce immigration laws and install any physical barriers that are or may be necessary to secure the borders of this nation and put a stop to any form of immigration by any persons who are not in compliance with said laws;


7.  Indict, prosecute, and if appropriate, convict and incarcerate all co-conspirators involved in the perpetration and subsequent cover up of the failed coup d’état that attempted to overthrow the 45th President of the United States pursuant to any and all unlawful activities connected with what have come to be commonly referred to as Operation Crossfire Hurricane, the FISA court fraud, the Steele Dossier, the Russian Hoax and the Mueller Investigation;


8.  Indict, prosecute, and if appropriate, convict and incarcerate Hillary Rodham Clinton and all her co-conspirators for all such crimes as they are alleged to have committed in connection with what has come to be known as Ms. Clinton's email scandal and the pay-for-play schemes involving her and the Clinton Foundation that are alleged to have occurred during her tenure as the United States Secretary of State and at any time thereafter;

9.  Investigate, and if appropriate, indict, prosecute, convict and incarcerate the presently anonymous individual who allegedly committed an unjustifiable homicide under the color of authority—i.e. murder—by fatally shooting Ashli Babbitt at the U.S. Capital on January 6, 2021; and

10.  Reaffirm, without reservation, that the Rule of Law and the Constitution, as amended, are and shall forthwith be the foundations upon which the government of this nation shall conduct its lawful business, both now and in the future.


Part IV — The Conclusion

Predicated on the foregoing, the undersigned hereby declare that, if the expectations of this Declaration are not addressed by our present government in order to rectify the grievances and comply with the truths, principles and expectations herein set forth, We The People will be required to absolve ourselves from any further allegiance to that regime, and with a firm reliance on guidance by divine Providence, we will therefore commit ourselves to do all that is necessary, lawful and peaceful to restore to this nation a government that in both word and deed is willing to exhibit an unwavering commitment to protecting the liberty of all Americans. 

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