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Things To Do

Many who have signed The Declaration of Liberty have written to ask: what can we do to help while we are "hanging out" awaiting the outcomes of the state election audits?


Well … here are some thoughts! 

Read the U.S. Constitution

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Read the Declaration of Independence

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Ask Candidates To Sign The Declaration

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Help January 6th Political Prisoners

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Help the Audits

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Enter the Lady Liberty Photo Contest

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Help Stop the Censorship


Follow Trustworthy News Sources

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Write A Note To 45 (& Probably 46)

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Print Flyers for Meetings & Rallies


Help Keep the Movement Moving 


Send Some Snail Mail


Ask Friends to Sign the Declaration

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Share Your Ideas With Us

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We would all do well to remember two things.


One, we are all engaged in a battle, albeit mostly digital, for the future of our country. And two, we are in an all-volunteer army. So let us all try to do our part to hold the line, and the best will be yet to come.

If you are willing to take a few minutes to do any or all of the above, you will have helped immeasurably. 

And for that, we all greatly appreciate your willingness to join this effort. Thank you!

Together, with constant prayer, we hope to persuade our government officials and judicial officers hear us about some of the core issues we all care about most ... those ideas and ideals that America was founded on and that are necessary today to make the United States of America great again!

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Order Your Copy of A Barrister's Tales!

In the words of one reader: 

"A series of short takes, encounters, episodes and an eye-opening to God and His helpers…like angels apparent and those of whom we are unaware....This book made me feel good to be on my treacherous journey, knowing God will help and forgive."

— C. Clowdis

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