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One Patriot's Prayer for America*

Please God:

We plead with You to enable all of us as a people to clearly discern between what is good and what is evil in Your sight; and

Should You answer this request, please set our feet firmly on a level path that will bring us together as a people who are willing to endeavor with a unified purpose to pursue only that which You consider good;

Also Lord, make us both able and willing to do whatever may be necessary to remove from our midst any practices and beliefs our culture has embraced that are an abomination to You;

Restore unto us the intestinal fortitude to uphold the Rule of Law regardless of where that may take us, such that Your justice and our equality in Your eyes is upheld as to each and every one of us, without any regard to our station in life;

Expose to the light of Your truth and remove any and all corruption that presently exists as the cancer that is impairing all levels of our government;

Protect our children and exact Your judgment upon all those hiding among us who are engaged in any practice that lessens or destroys their rights to life, liberty and a pursuit of happiness;  

God, please do whatever else, in Your view, may be necessary and appropriate for the divide separating us as a people to be removed or remedied, and restore America to once again become the nation You originally intended it to be;

And lastly, if in the course of answering this prayer, You call upon us to do our part to achieve these purposes, please give us the character and integrity You know we will need to do what we need to do and not blow it;

All these things, God, We The People pray to You, in the name of Your Son and our Lord, Jesus Christ.


* This prayer was suggested in an editorial published in Townhall and American Thinker entitled "To Heal Our Nation's Divide, Let's Start by Praying that People Start Praying"

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The Declaration of Liberty
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