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Snail Mail

Mail a hard copy of The Declaration of Liberty—along with a lawful, peaceful, polite and civil ... yet firm ... cover letter from you to as many of your elected officials as you feel led. See the sample cover letter below. 


And, if you know any, mail a hard copy to any members of the friendly media— i,e.. Not Fake News. 

Trust us.  Sometimes, sending someone a hard copy is better than a text or email ... for one thing, it's farther away from a "delete" button. 

To do that, simply print the PDF version of The Declaration of Liberty and then mail that hard copy—via U.S. snail-mail—to as many of the following as you can:


1. Both of your U.S. Senators;

2. Your local Congressman;

3. Your State Governor;

4. Your State Legislature Representatives; 

5. As many down-ballot elected officials as you can think of;

6. Any friendly member of the media you can think of; and 

7. Keep at least one copy for your files in case we are de-platformed.


(For mailing addresses of your federal, state and local elected officials you may wish to go to:






Dear [elected official's name and title]:


In the minds of patriotic Americans, you have only one job between now and the next time your name is on the ballot—and that is to fix our broken election system and do your best to remove the corruption we the people see in our government. 


To read a summary of our ideas, ideals, grievances and proposed remedies, I urge you to carefully review the enclosed The Declaration of Liberty which is also posted at


If you are led, please consider signing it. But, if you decline to sign it, could you please let me know in writing your reasons why?


If you work to meet the constitutionally-based expectations set forth in The Declaration predicated on the Rule of Law, you won't need to bother fund-raising. We'll be delighted to re-elect you.


If you fail, however, all the donations in the world won't help you get re-elected ... so help us God.


So ... you have a choice:


Go home, and raise money for your next election...


Or stay in session, do your job and help fix the problems enumerated in The Declaration that you and others have allowed to fester.


Please, choose wisely.


An [enter state] voter!

(Important Note: In your cover letter to them, you may consider asking them to sign it, and if they won't sign it, ask them to please explain in writing... why not?)

Lastly, please don't forget. If you get any interesting or notable responses to your snail mail from either an official, a candidate or any member of the media, please let us know about it so we can increase our learning curve going forward.

Consider Helping to Support This Effort

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