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A Dollar Short & a YEAR Late!?! —Arizona Attorney General Brnovich Opens ‘Formal Investigation’ Into 2020 Election

State Department issues first passport with 'X' as gender identity option 


MUST READ — Imprimis/Hillsdale College — Roger Kimball's "January 6th Insurrection Hoax" = best 2021 summary, to date!

Erin Clements (aka The Professor's Wife) — proves systemic ELECTION FRAUD exists in NEW MEXICO

VIDEO — Cuban Refugee Warns Americans About The Danger Of Communism: "You Guys Better Wake Up"

Editor's Note: Only do business with local merchants willing to post The Declaration of Liberty flyer on their storefront!?!

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Boycott Candidates

  • Twitter

  • Chase Bank

  • DoorDash

  • Deloitte

  • Equinox

  • Ford

  • Goldman Sachs

  • Google

  • Lyft

  • McDonalds

  • Microsoft

  • Netflix

  • United Airlines

  • Walmart

Covid Plandemic
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Must Watch Video Above — Physician addressing North Carolina county school board about the planned feardemic!

Christine Anderson — Member of EU Parliament

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Woke News

Amazing Grace Video in Barcelona


Neil Oliver Video — the hypocrisy of environmentalists 


VIDEO — Cuban Refugee Warns Americans About The Danger Of Communism: "You Guys Better Wake Up"


A Culture in Decline? — Coronation of a Homecoming Queen — literally? — at a high school in Missouri


Victor Davis Hanson — The Dying Citizen: How Progressive Elites, Tribalism, and Globalization Are Destroying the Idea of America


Must Watch Video — Neil Oliver — Why governments today are becoming fearful of their own citizens


Neil Oliver — Officials are 'openly and blatantly dripping with contempt for us'


Neil Oliver — "Hey government, we are not stupid 


Noam Chomsky Endorses Strategy to Starve The Unvaxxed Into Submission


Caitlyn Jenner Defends Dave Chappelle — ‘100 Percent Right’ to Call Out ‘Woke Cancel Culture Trying to Silence Free Speech’


United Kingdom Authorities choose Rule of Man over Rule of Law? — Investigation of Prince Andrew in Virginia Giuffre case dropped

Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch — victim claims he had computer rooms the ‘size of houses’ in New Mexico to spy on guests including Prince Andrew — Can former NM Governor Richardson verify this?


Kids are the Targets of Woke —California requires large retail stores to have gender neutral toy sections

A Jan 5th suspect is being 'shunned' by people in her small Indiana town and 'chastised on the street,' lawyer says

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The Declaration Report
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In the words of one reader: 

"A series of short takes, encounters, episodes and an eye-opening to God and His helpers…like angels apparent and those of whom we are unaware....This book made me feel good to be on my treacherous journey, knowing God will help and forgive."

— C. Clowdis

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