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Avoid Biting on Patriot Click Bait

Because of the uncertainty about the future of our country in light of the election audits, many have taken this as an opportunity for self-promotion and to make future profits. To do this, they have come up with a variety of schemes to obtain your identity and email in exchange for a promise to do something in the future that may or may never materialize.

One such group circulating online currently is asking for your name, phone number and email address solely based on a promise that their organization will help you save your liberty by emailing you advice in the future on a bi-monthly basis that will tell you how to get more involved in your local community. Like you and your friends can't figure this out on your own. 

Another circulating on the web is even more nebulous. It is promising that, in exchange for your personal information and email, it will do some undefined things to defend your liberty in the future by helping with the litigation of unidentified other people around the country if it defends their liberty. What??? 

Attempts like these to get your email and name always appeal to your patriotic convictions by offering you something nebulous in the future which they fail to clearly define.

This is what distinguishes these sites from ours at The Declaration of Liberty. Here, we put our words and convictions where they are needed most ... front and center, now... not later. 

We tell you why we are doing what we are doing, and what it is we are doing now, not later. 

We are gathering hopefully millions of signatures of patriotic Americans who are willing to take a stand and demand the recall of an illegitimate administration. How? By compelling corrupt judges and courts to have no choice but to DEAL with the obvious and growing evidence of a stolen election and do their part to restore our government to the constitutional republic it once was ... a government that reveres the Rule of Law as our founding fathers intended to protect our God-given liberty!

Any questions?

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