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Don't Put Candidates on a Pedestal

An important purpose of The Declaration of Liberty is for it to be used as a litmus test by American patriots who want to better evaluate the political positions and ideologies of any and all future candidates seeking any public office—i.e., local, state or federal.


This can be done by asking any candidate three simple questions:

  • Has the candidate read The Declaration of Liberty?

  • Is the candidate willing to sign The Declaration of Liberty, like We the People have?


  • If not, can they please explain to We the People ... why not?

You—and those seeking to earn your vote—may be surprised. 


At minimum, their answers could most certainly open extraordinary discussions that will better inform voters about who they are voting for... and thereby enhance the power of We The People to better separate the wheat from the chaff.

So ... BE BOLD.

Take a stand by asking those seeking your vote to take a stand with you.

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