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Share With Friends

Share The Declaration of Liberty with your friends and social media followers—ask them to take a few moments to read The Declaration of Liberty, and consider signing it by simply suggesting they go to:

Share this link in a text, an email or in your social media accounts, along with your suggestion that they read The Declaration of Liberty, and, if  they are so led ... to sign it

The more signers we have, the louder will be be our collective voice to our government—including the Supreme Court—when it comes time for it to take notice of the election audit results that we anticipate will be coming soon. Thus, time is of the essence for us all to do what we can to get as many patriotic Americans to sign on to The Declaration of Liberty.


So ... please do your part, and we'll do the best we can to do ours.

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Order Your Copy of A Barrister's Tales!

In the words of one reader: 

"A series of short takes, encounters, episodes and an eye-opening to God and His helpers…like angels apparent and those of whom we are unaware....This book made me feel good to be on my treacherous journey, knowing God will help and forgive."

— C. Clowdis

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