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The Declaration of Liberty

The Declaration of Liberty has two primary purposes.


First and foremost, it is a petition to our government we hope you will sign! If enough come on board and join us, it will serve to unify the millions of voices of We The People across America around a common platform of ideas, ideals and expectations that We will insist those serving in our government heed in order to preserve our liberty.


Thus ... we hope you will sign it, and then, please forward it to anyone else that you know who might sign it!

In essence, it is a platform that sets forth common truths, grievances and proposed remedies around which We The People can rally by agreeing to insist that our nation's government be committed to:

  • Acknowledging our nation's sovereignty; 

  • Protecting our nation's borders;

  • Preserving our nation's culture, traditions and history; 

  • Restoring honesty and integrity to our election process;

  • Removing the corruption of our courts and government institutions;

  • Honoring our rights to peacefully assemble, speak and worship freely; 

  • Respecting our right to bear arms; 

  • Upholding and defending the Constitution, as amended; and 

  • Enforcing the Rule of Law upon which our nation was founded.

Only then will we again have a nation in which We The People will be assured that equal justice and our liberty will be protected.

Which brings us to the second, but equally important purpose of this Declaration.


It is hoped The Declaration will be used to serve as a litmus test by which patriotic Americans across the nation can better test and evaluate the character, integrity, sincerity and legitimacy of the political candidates seeking their vote in future elections in every precinct, town, city, county and state by asking them three simple questions:

  1. Has the candidate read The Declaration of Liberty?;

  2. Is the candidate willing to sign The Declaration of Liberty, like we have?; and

  3. If not, can they please tell us why not?

You—and those seeking to earn your vote—may be surprised. 


At minimum, their answers could most certainly open extraordinary discussions that will better inform voters about who they are voting for... and thereby enhance the power of We The People to better separate the wheat from the chaff.

So ... BE BOLD.

Take a stand.

Please, join us in reading and then, if you are so led, signing The Declaration of Liberty!


And, don't forget to pass it on to others and ask that they do likewise.

Together, let's declare to the world—and particularly, to all those we may vote for in the future—that the United States of America shall be made great again... so help us God!

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